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1 Answer Submitted By acemoo - December 21, 2017

I completed my 3 month treatment, Doctor said at the end NO detection of virus at my 12 week check up my viral load was over 1,000000! What the h*ll???????

4 Answers Submitted By Kathy D - October 20, 2017

Retired at 62 and receive SSI, 2018 will be auto enrolled in Medicare A & B. At this time have private insurance with my last job. They are offering the option for… READ MORE

2 Answers Submitted By jwalsh86 - September 25, 2017

Need diagnostic help. Have recurring Pericardial and Plural Effusions. Only16-20 mg Prednisone able to keep inflammation down. All standard autoimmune tests neg. Had HVC and treated 11 months interferon 3x wk 1997-1998…. READ MORE

4 Answers Submitted By not4long - September 5, 2017

Recently diagnosed, possible 40 year carrier. Geno type 3 and drank alcohol excessively. (410 days alcohol free) waiting on drug to be developed. No treatment yet.

3 Answers Submitted By MER1949 - July 29, 2017

Hi just got diagnosed with hep c probably had it 40 yrs. I started getting itchy skin gets worse at night. Any suggestions food to stay away from etc.

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