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What is one piece of advice you would give to someone newly diagnosed with hep C?

Do you remember what it was like when you were first diagnosed with hep C?
Were you scared? Lonely? Hopeful?
What advice could you have used at that moment?
Leave some words of advice for someone newly diagnosed with hep C!

  1. Put God first. The first thing that came to mind was death until I found this community. I researched that there was a treatment for Hep C and there was success stories. Then I was concerned about the treatment (Mavyret) but God took me through with absolutely no side effects at all. My numbers were up there. Now I’m cured with only 8 weeks of treatment. I thank God every day for life. So don’t be afraid!

    1. i am so happy for you.

  2. I definitely remember when I was first diagnosed with hepatitis C because I willingly accepted a Hepatitis C donor’s heart in 2019.
    Honestly, I wasn’t scared because before I accepted a Hep C organ I saw multiple commercials about different medications that cured Hepatitis C, so I felt really confident in my decision on accepting a Hep C organ. I was extremely hopeful that everything would work out. At first, I felt lonely because my family and friends hesitated about being on board with my decision, but soon they had faith in my doctors and myself.
    My advice to everyone is that all things are possible. I’m living proof that there is a cure for Hepatitis C and if you wanted to donate your organs when you pass away that is now possible as well to help save others lives like me. Last but not least, there is a cure for Hep C and you’re never alone. Feel free to ask ask as many questions in the group. Advocate for yourself and educate yourself about Hepatitis C. Leslie (Community Moderator)

    1. Thank you so much for that encouragement. I am going to need it. Starting harvoni on Tuesday.

      1. Best of luck! Keep us updated and let us know how it goes! -Jessica, Team Member

    2. Well today is my 4th day on the treatment. Harvoni. I have had hepatitis c since the year 1993. When first diagnosed. I was getting ready to. Start a new job. Working as a cna.i was so excited. I never worked as such as a important profession. I was truly happy. Being a mom of 3 and on government assistance. For all my life.i was a heavy drinker never did no kind of drugs. But I love my beers. I had a lot going on back then very emotional. Being married early and he drunk so I started joining him.. Anyway along story short. I move here with my mom and two kids. Trying to do better. Anyway still drinking. Bad. Let skip some ok. Get to the job. The doctor came in . Did you know you have hepatitis c. What's that? I ask him is you sure the name on that test is mines...are you sure? And will this affect me getting this job..he said No.i was so happy because I needed this so bad in my life. So I did do a treatment. Back in the day it was that injection and those pills. So trying to work a new job a do that treatment was so very hard. . Anyway here I am trying it again with this new drug. I got off the old meds. At 1 1/2 months... so here we go..and I am on my 4th day. I get headaches and very tired and can't sleep well. Anyway I am here. I had to share today. I want to belong somewhere. I do have my God Jehovah for holding me together for so long been clean and sober for 20yrs now.

      1. how are you after treatment?

      2. Hope you are doing well and have received treatment for Hep C. Thank you for sharing. Leslie (Community Moderator).

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