By Daryl Luster - April 18, 2017
Are cure and care the same? Generally speaking, from a clinical perspective, a cure is medical care in the minds of most medical providers I know, with few exceptions. Cure is wonderful,... READ MORE

By Daryl Luster - April 14, 2017
Mental health carries a lot of stigma and, not unlike hep C, is vastly misunderstood. The words we hear so commonly, like “crazy” “mental” “nuts” “psycho” and the like all carry at... READ MORE

By Daryl Luster - April 9, 2017
Man’s (and Woman’s!) Best Friend In late 2015 I wrote about “My Best Friend” Jess, my dog who was my constant companion through my hep C journey. Jess had passed the month... READ MORE

By Jenelle Marie Davis - April 6, 2017
What Is It? Ascites is simply the build-up of fluid within the abdomen, with the fluid filling the space between the lining of the abdominal wall and the organs found within the... READ MORE

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