By Carleen McGuffey - January 17, 2018
It is a very common misconception that hepatitis C is often a sexually transmitted disease. The truth is that the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is rarely spread through sex. In fact, it... READ MORE

By Daryl Luster - January 15, 2018
Advice to self is one thing I use in reminding myself about things, which for one reason or another may fade in importance or get pushed to the background in the daily... READ MORE

By Daryl Luster - January 8, 2018
It is that time of year again, and my, my, how time flies when we are having fun! As another year closes, we look forward to a new year and generally, we... READ MORE

By Karen Hoyt - December 29, 2017
My mind can wander all over the place. I’ll be talking to a friend about my transplant and thinking about a doctor’s comment at the same time. Then I will come back... READ MORE

By Daryl Luster - December 28, 2017
Based on the thousands of conversation I have had with people who are dealing with hep C in their lives, whether recently diagnosed or treated and cured for years, there are some... READ MORE

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