The Dangers of Living With Hepatitis C

After I was diagnosed, my mind began scanning all of the dangers of living with hepatitis C. It was the scariest time in my life. I kept trying to find out how to get cured.

On the internet, I saw creepy pictures of very sick livers. I just wanted it gone from me.

Coping with fear and anxiety

I cried almost every day after learning the dangers of living with hepatitis C. Once my doctor talked about a cure, I began to feel relief.

Let me start by saying that fear and anxiety about hepatitis C in your liver is normal. For myself, once I knew there was a virus breeding in my liver, it made me feel dirty and awful.

Because it is spread to others as a blood-borne virus, I had my whole family tested. Even though the chances of getting it through sharing a toothbrush or razor were slim, I was still worried.

My whole family had always shared razors. Any of them could have hepatitis C, but thankfully, everyone came back negative. After knowing my family was safe, I focused on being cured.

Facing issues with my liver

The biggest danger is liver damage. Living with hepatitis C for many years had slowly destroyed my liver. It was crisscrossed with white bands of scarring and cirrhosis. That was a big shock, because even though I never drank, my liver looked like I was an alcohol abuser.

Getting liver cancer was my worst nightmare. When they found a cancerous tumor on my liver, I thought it was the end of me.

After a year of chemotherapy and treatments, the tumors kept coming. I ended up with a liver transplant. I’m just glad I was cured of hepatitis C and they could help me.

The dangers of drug and alcohol use

Drinking alcohol with hepatitis C is like throwing gasoline on a fire. It causes an emergency signal for the liver to flush out the toxins.

Because the liver is inflamed, it can’t filter out the alcohol. A person might feel twice as drunk and not know that it was hepatitis C.

Drugs of any kind become poison on top of poison. hepatitis C is already toxic in your bloodstream. Adding any kind of drug will add an extra burden.

If you need medicine, your medical provider can tell you which ones are safest to use. Prescriptions like diuretics can help the liver and kidneys get rid of extra swelling. Be sure and let your doctor know that you have had a positive hepatitis C test before you get an RX filled.

Street drugs are not safe, especially when you have hepatitis C. There is no way to measure potency.

It may seem like a great high, but part of it could be because your liver cannot filter. Your body and brain are being poisoned.

Taking the first steps to being cured

Now that you know the scary dangers of living with hepatitis C, you can get the help you need to get cured. Reach out to a clinic and start the process of asking for help.

If you are currently using, they may want you to be clean first. Try to set up a plan to become free from all of the scary burdens of hepatitis C.

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