Embarrassing Hair With Hepatitis C and How To Get a Healthy Shine

Nobody told me that hair problems were a sign of liver disease. I had embarrassing hair with hepatitis C and needed to know how to get a healthy shine again.

My scraggly, thin, dried-out mop of hair made me look twice my age. It was depressing. I mean, feeling poorly was bad enough. Looking bad was degrading. Here are my best tips for hair care.

Healthy hair starts on the inside


Hair is made up of protein. When your body is busy fighting off the inflammation from a virus, it probably can't process protein well. It’s important to eat a liver-safe diet that includes a lot of chicken, fish, eggs, nuts, beef, and dairy products. A well-balanced diet will allow your body, including your hair, to heal.

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Precision cut

When I was sick with hepatitis C , sometimes I hated looking in the mirror. All the media and magazines show people with thick, shiny, and bouncy hair.

Back then, I told the stylist that I was struggling with health issues. She suggested trimming off all the dead ends before starting my treatment.

What I ended up with was a textured cut that framed my face and also gave the appearance of thicker hair. That helped to tide me over until I could finish hepatitis C treatment.

Products and styling tips

Shampoo and conditioner

Finding the right body-building shampoo and conditioner is important. Some of the products designed to add volume can also weigh hair down.

When spending a weekend with a friend, I borrowed her shampoo. It was from a discount store, so I went out and bought a set of shampoo and conditioner.

You might try a smaller size as a test first, just to see if it works for you. I rinse it all out to keep it from feeling limp or greasy.

Blow dry and style

After towel drying, I use a wide-tooth comb or pick to get the tangles out. Starting at the bottom of my hair, I gently smooth the strands to the end.

Then, I work my way up to the scalp. This is how I prevent yanking and ending up with hair on the floor.

Once my hair is smooth, I let it air dry until it is just slightly damp. Next, I bend over and gently run my fingers through my hair while running the blow dryer about 8 inches from my scalp.

My secret hair weapons

Finishing products

My final step is to smooth out the ends of my hair with a tiny pea drop size of the gel. Then, if needed, I smooth out the ends with a flat iron or curling iron.

Pillow Case

Now you can learn my secret weapon. If you have embarrassing hair with hepatitis C and want to get a healthy shine, this will help.

Try sleeping with a satiny pillowcase. They’re inexpensive and will help your hair hold its style longer. That means less washing and drying out your silky strands.

When you have embarrassing hair with hepatitis C and need to know how to get a healthy shine, I've got your back. Now, just get rid of Hep and let your whole body heal, including your hair! You will get your healthy glow again.

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