Hepatitis Awareness Month 2023: A History of Hep C

May is designated as Hepatitis Awareness Month, a time when public health organizations and individuals raise awareness about viral hepatitis and its impact on communities. The goal of Hepatitis Awareness Month is to educate people about the risk factors, symptoms, and prevention strategies for hepatitis.

Hepatitis Awareness Month also provides an opportunity to address the stigma and discrimination that can affect people living with hepatitis. Despite advances in treatment and management, many people still face social and economic barriers that prevent them from accessing care and support.

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We recognize this Hepatitis Awareness Month with the theme "A History of Hep C." While the virus was only discovered in the late 20th century, the history of hepatitis C dates back much further. The history of hepatitis C is a fascinating and complex story of medical discovery and human resilience. Together, we will explore the past, present, and future of how hepatitis C has impacted individuals and communities.

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Share your history with hep C

Spread hepatitis C awareness by sharing your personal journey. Some ideas to consider:

  • How did you find out you had hep C?
  • What was your treatment experience?
  • What has life been like since being cured?

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