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5 Ways to Remember Your Hep C Pills

So you’ve finally gotten the doctor’s appointment and have been officially diagnosed with hep C. The next step is to get all the other blood labs and testing done and then get ready for treatment.

It was a big event when I first began my hep C treatment. I was so afraid that I would not remember my hep C pills when it was time for a dose.

Here are some tips to help you take every dose on time.

5 ways to remember your hep C pills

Find a pill reminder app on your phone

There are several good ones for every device. I picked a free one and downloaded it quickly.

Then I simply put in my basic information and my dose of pills. When it came to notifications, I put it as a banner and a tone. I wanted my phone to remind me out loud!

It’s important to have it where your phone or other devices will show what medications you are in case of an emergency. If you are in an auto crash, the emergency techs will know exactly what is in your bloodstream.

Write it on a piece of paper

This may sound too easy during a high-tech age, but I did it because I worked during my hep C treatment. I kept a sticky note in my car and on the job.

You can put the time or write a word or image, like a smiley face or heart. It will be a positive reminder to take your pills on time.

Put in on a calendar.

It could be a desk, pocket size, or one on the refrigerator door. Just take a marker and circle the date.

You could even write out what day it is. I’ve seen some people count down backward until they get to day one.

You can also put a slash mark or a big X at the end of every day. Anything that will help you keep a visual reminder is helpful.

Have some remind you

You might tell friends and family when your treatment starts. This will help you find the support that you need in a lot of ways.

In addition to reminding you to eat well and get rest, they can also remind you to take your meds. You may think that you won’t forget, but it is surprising how it can be overlooked when the day is busy.

Keep it in your online calendar as an event.

If you put the exact time, it will send a notification. Set the end date for the one that your doctor sets up for you. Just like a wall calendar, you will enjoy having the reminder and the countdown too.

Be proactive and stay on schedule

By using a variety of reminders of when it is time to take your hep C meds, you will be less likely to miss a dose. It’s important to follow your provider’s instructions if you do miss a dose.

Tell them you already have a plan to remember your hep C pills. That will let them know you are ready to be hep C-free, like me!

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