Living with hep C one day at a time. Get tips and read about living and coping with hep C.

By Daryl Luster - October 16, 2017
These are two words with a different meaning for different folks. In the context of hep C, it has the meaning that we are diagnosed, treated, cured, and now moving on with... READ MORE

By Rick Nash - October 5, 2017
When starting treatment, it’s an important question, how much can I work while on treatment? Of the six different treatments I’ve been on, I’ve worked part-time, full-time, some of the time, and... READ MORE

By Daryl Luster - October 3, 2017
Back in the day, when people were said to have connections it had nothing to do with the internet or the modern world of connectivity, where we are almost all involved in... READ MORE

By Debra Walters - September 27, 2017
My first dance with Hepatitis C treatment was in 2008-2009. The only option was Ribavirin and peginterferon, so I signed up for a study at Baylor College of Medicine. I was randomized... READ MORE

By Karen Hoyt - September 22, 2017
This is a tricky question. After having the Hepatitis C Virus, you probably forgot what it was like to feel good. And besides, who knows what normal is anyway? If you’ve lived... READ MORE

By Daryl Luster - September 15, 2017
The word wellness has different meanings for different people, and this is just as common with people who are dealing with hep C. Most of us think of wellness in both the... READ MORE

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