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By Daryl Luster - January 10, 2017
Slogans and catch phrases have been an ever-present part of self-help and motivational speaking and media tools, and I cannot argue with the benefits of helping oneself. Self-empowerment is important, especially when... READ MORE

By Karen Hoyt - January 6, 2017
When your liver begins to fail, it feels like a slow motion fall. You’re diving downward while bouncing off of boulders. Pebbles and rocks fall around, pelting you, which ads insult to... READ MORE

By Daryl Luster - January 5, 2017
This is a topic that makes us all nervous, and understandably so. Pondering the end of our own life and those whom we love is a very difficult time and not an... READ MORE

By Daryl Luster - January 3, 2017
With the close of 2016 and the dawn of a new year it is for many of us a time of reflection on the past year, and a look forward to the... READ MORE

By Karen Hoyt - December 31, 2016
During the holiday season, we are surrounded with delicious foods. The tempting smells are in every store you enter. Old family recipes are brought out for baking. Those once a year favorite... READ MORE

By Karen Hoyt - December 30, 2016
Right now, I’m surrounded by families gathered at circular tables. A low hum of conversation is interrupted by an occasional squeal from a toddler. Most people are popping bitesize bits of lunch... READ MORE

By Editorial Team - December 29, 2016
Every week we create a poll to hear back from the people who matter most in the hepatitis C community – YOU! With 2016 almost behind us, we thought it would be... READ MORE

By Karen Hoyt - December 23, 2016
Hepatitis C does not always have symptoms. It can take weeks or months for any signs to show up. During the acute phase, some people have mild symptoms while others get very... READ MORE

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