Overcoming Hurdles to Hepatitis C Treatment

People who are diagnosed with hepatitis C face many high hurdles. A long list of things might prevent them from getting the treatment they need to be free. You or someone you know might have hit a brick wall in your path to wellness. I hope to shed some light on successfully navigating those obstacles to treatment, like I did.

Access to testing is the first hurdle

Getting tested is the first step, but some might have a hard time accessing testing. If you think that you might have hepatitis C, reach out and find a clinic near you. The rapid tests can give you a quick diagnosis.
If you test positive, there are several other hurdles you might face before you can begin treatment:

Identifying the genotype

There are different genotypes of hep C and some are more difficult to treat. A medical provider can offer the right pills at the right dosage and for the right amount of time after further blood tests.

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Blood work is important

The lab drained several vials of blood from me after my diagnosis. They wanted to know how high my viral load was, and how my other organs were doing. Even though hepatitis C mainly damages the liver, I learned that it can damage other organs if ignored long enough.

Determining length of treatment

How sick are you? I had hep C for many years and it had choked off my liver - a lot. In fact, my liver failed. With end stage cirrhosis, a person may have a different course of treatment than if it had only been a short time. I had to take a longer course, but it worked!

IV drug users might face delays

Your medical provider might want to know how you got hepatitis C. You might not know. It could have been a tattoo, a blood infusion from long ago, or a needle stick. If you are currently using IV drugs, you might have to wait a while before you can begin treatment.

Rules for treatment might vary

Some states and insurance companies have different rules for treatment. The rules are always changing, so be prepared to face this obstacle. Also, let me reassure you that there are workarounds for most situations. Please be patient with the process and don’t give up! You can ask questions anonymously right here on this website, and people can provide confidential help toward treatment.

Sharing your diagnosis with others can be hard

Telling family and friends might be another hurdle for you. There is always a fear of judgment. Nobody likes being hassled while they are sick. Tell people about this website. We have a lot of stories for family members, partners, and caregivers. We understand how hard it is to get past the roadblock of talking about hepatitis C.

We are here for you

Now that we have covered most of the hurdles to hep C treatment and how to overcome them, I hope you’re ready to take that step. I’ve been free of the virus for 13 years now. After living with it for way too long, I got liver cancer. My promise to you is that these hurdles can be overcome, and we’re here to support you.

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