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Top 5 Wellness Trends For Hepatitis C 

Having the hepatitis virus is definitely not trending right now. If you have HCV, chances are that you logged on looking for a way to try the new treatments and get rid of it. That’s what I did, however, the virus left a lasting legacy for me in many ways. I had severe liver damage that led to varices, ascites, and eventually, liver cancer. Thanks to my transplant, I’m doing well – thank you.

I put together a list of the top 5 wellness trends for hepatitis C because my body will always want a healthy liver. See if some of these trends can help you to live your best life, in spite of hep C.

My Top 5


In the beginning, there was Interferon. I personally know doctors who worked hard to learn if Interferon would stall the virus. It was a tough treatment, that helped many people, including me. Doctors and researchers continued working for a better treatment for hep C. With the new, fast-acting agents, there is a once-a-day pill that heals with very few side effects.


A person with hepatitis C needs healthy food in order to heal. Hep C causes your liver, and other organs in your body, to weaken. All around nutrition means getting good daily plant-based protein. Follow it up with a lot of vegetables. Bitter veggies like cauliflower and broccoli help heal your liver. Cooking at home lets you choose less sodium options that are not processed.


If you think that you have to be super strong to be fit, think again. Fitness is really a state of being. Even on days when I needed a blood transfusion because of anemia, I took the stairs instead of the elevator when possible. Try keeping a set of 3 pound dumbbells nearby. When you feel body aches, fatigue, or nausea, take a nap. Then, wake up and swing those weights a little just to stay fit. Go for a walk and start getting fit.


You don’t have to be involved in a religious organization to meditate and become more aware of your thoughts. It’s ok if you are. The thing about watching over your thought life is that you are awake to the experience that you are having. Instead of just dragging through life with hep C, you are able to set some goals and head into a good future.

Health apps

There is an app for many areas regarding hep C that will help you with the above 4 trends. I personally use a pill reminder and lab tracking app. There are also some for exercise, meditation, and social media. What this adds up to is an awareness that we are whole. We are strong. We can use technology to help us with our wellness goals, even with the effects of hep C.

Remember, getting healthy is always trendy

Some trends come and go, but getting cured of hepatitis will always be in style. Eating well and staying fit both help your body to heal. When you add a good mental state, now you’re moving into a healthy future that is hepatitis-free. Download an app to get started on sticking with a routine that will be there long after some fads have gone out of style.

How many of these top 5 wellness trends for hepatitis C have you tried?

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