Foods Good for Hepatitis C

We need good foods to help us when we have hepatitis C. The virus attacks our liver, so it makes sense to eat the right foods. We can focus on foods that are easy for the liver to digest. It’s also important to eat foods that help the liver to heal.

Easy and healthy food options

Leafy greens like those used in salads are always cleansing for your body. Be sure and top them with a tasty, low salt salad dressing. Then simply enjoy the benefits. Having a big bowl of salad for lunch is an easy way to get rid of toxins.

Other green vegetables include avocados. They are not only delish, but they’re a healthy type of fat. They also help to cleanse the liver with a special antioxidant. Slice some on your salad, or mix it up for guacamole.

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Keep going green with broccoli and Brussel sprouts. Any kind of cabbage is very healthy and helps our food digest. By getting a little boost in digestion help, our liver gets a break.

Delicious sources of protein include beans, chickpeas, eggs, fish, chicken, and yogurt. Lean beef is not as easy on the liver, so don’t eat it daily. However, it can be used in a big dish casserole or soup to add protein and flavoring.

Healing foods and drinks

Lemons can be a tasty squeeze into our water or as a topping for a salad. Any way you use them, they help to cleanse and help you digest foods more properly without being hard on the liver.

Green tea is known for its antioxidant power. It is full of catechins, which are high powered antioxidants. Studies have shown an improved liver function from drinking green tea daily.

Another drink boasts a reduction in liver cancer. People who drink a few cups of coffee per day have a decreased risk of liver cancer. Start your day with a boost of energy and a boost against liver cancer!

Eating well without scarifying flavor

Garlic is known to help begin the process of cleansing your body of toxins. It is easily added to soups, or big dish meals like casserole. But you can also squeeze some into your salad dressing. Adding it to dips can turn a boring veggie plate into a tasty treat.

If you are eating a liver-healthy diet, you know that adding some herbs and spices to a beans can take them to a whole different level of flavor. Turmeric is a spice that is so good for the liver. It helps to activate your body’s digestion. Your bile duct is a part of the way your liver processes fats, and turmeric helps with that. As an added bonus, it also helps to reduce inflammation. Our liver stays inflamed with the hepatitis C virus. It’s simple way to help it out is to add turmeric to meals.

Our liver works hard to filter our body and remove toxins and other harmful things that we get from the environment. We can give it a boost by eating healthy foods that are good for us when we have hepatitis C.

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