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Benefits of Exercise with Hepatitis C

The benefits of exercise are numerous! But when you’re all down and out with hepatitis C, you wonder if it can work for you. Stick with me, and I will cover all areas of exercise. Before you begin, you will talk to your doctor, figure out a buddy system, and set up a routine that is right for you. To get you going, let’s simply look at all the reasons exercising is right for you.

You get skinnier. The more calories you burn, the more fat comes off.

It can lift the fog of depression. Really, who can feel bad when walking outside in and enjoying nature and sunshine?

It helps your bones. Weight bearing exercise builds and strengthens your bones.

You will stand up straighter. A natural byproduct of exercise is a strong back that can help you lift your head higher.

You’ll be energized. Once your blood gets pumping, the energy buzz will last for hours. Calories will burn at a higher rate all day.

You’ll be a role model for others. When friends and family see you up and moving in spite of hepatitis C and liver disease, they will be motivated to follow your example.

It strengthens your heart. Your heart is a muscle. An aerobic workout is like lifting weights with your heart.

Your back won’t hurt so much. Stronger back muscles mean your spine won’t have to do all the work of holding you up by itself.

It makes you look younger. Good posture and strong muscles are associated with youth. You will feel younger, and look younger just by working out.

You will poop better. Regular exercise is known to help your digestive system to work better. Drink water while you work out and your whole body will move better.

It strengthens your large muscles and core. Not only will your arms and legs get stronger, but your inner core muscles will be stronger.

Your circulation will improve. Your arteries and veins will work more efficiently when you get regular exercise.

Your lungs will get stronger. Aerobic exercise works your heart and lungs. Your ability to take deep breaths will get better and better.

Happy chemicals will be released into your blood stream. Those endorphins are not joke! They bathe your bath and can make you laugh!

It improves your sex drive. Better circulation and feeling younger and stronger helps you to naturally feel sexier.

You will have improved balance. By increasing your flexibility, you will be more graceful and less prone to injury from falling.

It boosts your brain power. All kinds of benefits come from brain chemicals. One of them involves sharpening your memory.

It’s relaxing. After a good workout, you will feel a sense of satisfaction. That can help you to be calm.

Add years to your life. It has long been known that if you exercise, you will live a longer life.

Add life to your years. Even more important, if you exercise, your life will be filled with more strength and vibrance.

Think about all of these benefits and get ready to begin exercising with hepatitis C.

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