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Fatigue: A Common Undiagnosed Symptom of Hepatitis C

According to many with hep C, one of the most common undiagnosed symptoms is fatigue. Many people and doctors might fail to relate fatigue to hepatitis C.

Fatigue often is disregarded as a health alert due to many things that can make a person fatigued.

Energy can fluctuate all throughout the journey with hepatitis C. Fatigue was the first and most constant symptom I experienced in my own hep C journey.

I have put together some helpful steps that you can take if you experience fatigue.

Getting tested and moving forward

If you experience frequent to constant fatigue talk to your doctor. Get tested for hepatitis C even if you do not have risk factors.

Never assume you do not have hepatitis C. Always test to make sure.

Many people who do not have risk factors or other symptoms have hepatitis C and never know how they contracted it. It is always best to be on the safe side and be tested.

Early detection can help save you from severe liver damage and complications.

If you are diagnosed with hepatitis C, seek a liver specialist like a >hepatologist, gastroenterologist, or infectious disease doctor. These doctors specialize in the disease of the liver, and treatment.

Talk to your liver specialist about tests to determine your genotype (virus strain of hepatitis C), liver condition, and what treatment is best recommended for you. Talk to your doctor about other medical conditions and medications you may be taking that have side effects of fatigue.

Talk to your specialist about your fatigue and how this relates to your liver condition.

Combating hep C fatigue

My doctor and I discussed treatment options and what I could take to help my fatigue.

I began taking a B-12 supplement with my doctor’s approval. Eating a healthy, nutritious diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits, lean protein, whole wheat grains, nuts and seeds, and low-fat dairy.

Avoid processed foods and refined carbohydrates which can make you feel sluggish and tired. Try to drink 64-ounces of pure water or water infused with lemon. Drinking water helps keep you hydrated and aids in energy.

Take frequent breaks throughout the day when necessary. If possible, a quick nap to help recharge. Aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Try to get some mild exercise, like walking, every day. This can also help boost energy. Reducing your stress as much as possible also helps fatigue.

Taking time for yourself and doing something you enjoy, also helps keep your mind and body active and lessens fatigue. Stay on top of your treatment for hepatitis C to eliminate the virus.

The most effective way to combat fatigue is to eliminate the hepatitis C virus with treatment. Get tested. Seek treatment and get cured, so you can restore your energy and good health.

Are you experiencing fatigue with hepatitis C?

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