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Hi Jonannrunyon, thank you for joining our community and posting a status! How are you doing today? Anything related to hepatitis C we can help with? -Matt (, Team Member)

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I relate to the other side of good support. I experienced a few people not treating me kindly, and keeping their distance. Over the years I’ve seen others rejected from their spouses, family and friends. For majority of reasons this stems from the lack of education and information about hepatitis C and false assumptions which feed…

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Sadly we see newly diagnosed who come to our support groups who when they informed their loved ones instead of the understanding and compassion they were all but deserted. Aunts and uncles. No longer coming to visit or not letting their little ones hug or give them a kiss. parents turning on their clildren even husbands who swore an oath “through…

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Hi Ilovedylan and thanks for posting. Rectal bleeding can be caused by a number of things such as hemorrhoids, fissures, abdominal varices, colon issues etc. What has your liver specialist (or gastroenterologist) said about this? Have you had a colonoscopy recently? I’m thankful you’re cured and liver numbers are good. It does sound like you…

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Thank you for writing about transmission to unborn children. It is such a worry for any new mom. A PCR test will tell a new parent if their child has actual virus at 3 weeks. All children born to an HCV positive mother, will be born with her antibodies. However, the good news is that 95% of the babies will lose the antibody by the time they are…

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Hello, I have a question hopefully someone can help me answer. 66-year-old male diagnosed hip to see in 1995 and successful series interferon+Riboviren . Was forced to quit halfway through treatment into a feeling thyroid, had been damaged by 50%, still on Synthroid today. My question follows I also have chronic pain from a brain surgery + 850+…