Living with chronic hep C over 30 plus years

My story starts the day I was born in 1969 when I was given blood transfusion. But I didn't know I had it until 1999. I was told the first time I went to the doctor that my levels were so high that I had the highest levels they had seen. At the time I found out I had been abusing my body already I was drinking and using drugs. I have been on treatment 6 times. my last one was in 2006. I stopped drinking and doing drugs.

These past couple years I have been getting signs and symptoms of severe itching, my stomach has been getting really swollen and tender. My eyesight really has gotten bad. My mental status worse. I'm always tired out of breath and my feet swell. I'm pretty sure I'm going into liver failure I'm 50 years old and I am so afraid to even think about it. I get no help because I'm not really able to work. everybody just says I'm fat and lazy.

I have had some rough years due to when I was homeless but I haven't been in couple years. I try so hard to be in a better place in my mind but this bloating has made it to where even my boyfriend said I'm too fat to get on his motorcycle. I am one of those girls that loves life but because of my hep C I'm really hating my life these days. I have been dealing with this disease for too long. Heck even my doctor at Alamo digestive center here in San Antonio Texas was shocked to see me still alive. I need help to understand is this me getting fat are is this fluid in my stomach due to my hep C.

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