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My mom died because of a brain tumor. At first, she is experiencing severe headache from time to time. We went to a doctor to ask whats happening to her but they said its only a migraine, so he gave a medicine to cure the pain. She was bedridden at that time. 1 month later when were busy on something i heard my mom shout because of her head and…

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Hi ,
I’m a 70 year old male who blood tested positive for hcv about 2 years ago (treatment naive) stage one fibrosis .all enzymes are good and I have no symptoms…my question is what type of medicare advantage should I be looking for …I currently dont have RX coverage but would like a low cost plan which includes rx. What should I be…

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Right On “old white man!” Great Article. You’ve hit the ball out of the park. I know that I’ve been judged by others even health professionals because of my history of hepc. I’m cured now for several years, but when someone first words are “how did you get it”, I just dismiss their ignorance and smile and answer “does it matter?”