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I’m new here. But thanks to some of the comments I read I am about to start on an 8 week course of treatment. I’m sure I will find all of the support I need here. Thank you for having me!

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Since last year, my hair has started falling out a lot more than usual. Im lucky to have such thick hair but I am concerned that one day it might all be gone. I haven’t started hep c treatment and was wondering if its a side effect of the disease? I have seen my doctor and my naturopath and no-one can give me a definitive answer as to why its…

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It has been suggested that I should start the new non-interferon treatment for hep c. I would like to know if there are any long term effects?

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Welcome DATLPN and thank you for a most incredulous story! I’m trying, as you said, to go figure and wow, I honestly can’t. I know of no data that suggests this can happen except during the first six months of infection also known as the “acute” stage at which time a person’s own immune response can rid the bloodstream of HepatitisC virus and…

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I was diagnosed with HEP C fifteen years ago when I donated blood. I went to the nearest hospital where they verified it was HEPATITIS C. I was so scared and so ashamed I refused to go back to any doctor for fear […]

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Welcome to our community pittsburghmama4135! We are glad to have you here and glad you posted this status update. While I am sure others in the community can provide you with some insights on their experience with Mavyret. Different treatments can affect everyone differently. Here is an article that may be helpful:…

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Hi There Datlpln, Thanks for your comment. While this is certainly a first for me I am going to direct this to my moderators who also help others on Help 4 Hep who may have some insight. Did the Dr. give you any more insight on this? Wamrly, Lauren ( Team)