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I had no idea that there even was such a thing, but apparently there is and I’m one of the really lucky ones.
I did something I rarely do today. I answered my phone and it was the Veterans Affairs Department calling to tell me that hepatitis C was no longer detectable in my system. That just about blew me off my feet. I’ve been living with this…

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Hi and just wanted to add a little to your question. I believe you asked if Cryoglobulinemia was a symptom of acute (first six months) hepatitis C, is that right? Well as Kim said it can certainly be an indicator that you “may” have Hep C but only chronic. You would not experience symptoms of cryo in acute phase unless of course you had…

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Sorry your having it so rough right now. Do you have a gastro or liver doctor? There are “Research” in some hospitals kike Baylor Dallas. Hope you can get the help you need & rid hep c virus i Hate so Much. I had a liver transplant over 8 yrs ago. It wasnt until 5yrs later before a research program cured me. Lastly, the least important is whe…