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Treatment with hepb

  • By rebecca333

    I am about to begin treatment, and the doctor wants me on new drug mervyrek sorry if spelled wrong. But I guess if you have had hep b, which I do, its inactive this medicine can reactivate. Is this common with other treatment options? I would prefer more initial side effects then ending up with a reactive hep b. Thoughts please?

  • By Randy Moderator

    Hi rebecca333 and thanks for reaching out. There is a slight chance that Hep B can be reactivated with all of the new meds; no one better than the other. Your doc will monitor you and if by some chance your in that tiny percentage Hep B can be managed. Please don’t let that stop you from treating and CURING the Hep C my friend. Mavyret is easy to treat with and has a very high cure rate. Please stay connected and let us walk with you ok? All care and hugs your way. (Randy, Community Moderator)