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Hepatitis C Symptoms

I’m losing my mind

  • By jamie37

    The itching is insane. I’ve tried everything. I can’t stop, and it hurts from drawing blood, and creating sores from digging so much. Ughh. Any OTHER ideas?

  • By Randy Moderator

    Hey jamie37.

    The itching can be horrible I know. People try many home remedies but really the best is to ask your doc. There are meds that can help. Is your bilirubin elevated? That can also cause itching. Have you been able to treat your Hep C yet? That helps BIG time. I’m the meantime please know my heart is with you. Itching is miserable but keep hope. Do check with doc ok? And make sure the digging sores don’t look or get infected. All care your way and big hugs. (Randy, Community Moderator)

  • By vickij

    I was prescribed hydroxyzine 50mg. 4 times per day. It helps me a lot. I hope you can get some relief. I have bruises and sores all over my body from scratching and know your pain well.