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Hepatitis C Symptoms

I thought I would feel better

  • By hcv30yrsurvivor

    I had Hep C for over 30 years and as far as I can tell no longer have the virus. I expected to feel better without the virus. That was the point of getting treated. I did not have significant liver issues except for an ocassional high ALT or bilirubin number. I know I was lucky. Each liver biopsy carried a risk and the treatment said on the package insert that the drugs I took could kill me. All of this was so I would eventually feel better. It has been a year since I started treatment, about 8 months since I stopped treatment and I don’t feel any better. I wanted more energy, more stamina fewer skin issues. The skin issues are worse, and I am the same as far as energy. Why did I risk my life and give the drug company $87K? The is no data that says I would ever progress, no one could tell me that I would have liver related health issues later. The life insurance company charged me 3 times the normal rate. The life insurance company is the only ones that said I would have an issue. They just wanted more money. When I went back to them with the news that I was cured, they had no interest in lowering my rate.

    The drug and life insurance companies are scaring the crap out of people for no reason so they can cash in while they can. Most of us will probably never have a liver related issue. Why isn’t anyone doing any research on this question? Why did I risk my life with 3 liver biopsies and 2 failed attempts at a cure and a risky treatment when I still feel the same?