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Recently learned I have hep c

My journey started when I was having issues with my platelets count so my primary doctor sent me to a hematologist and he diagnosed me with ITP. And ordered blood work and it showed I have the Hep C virus and a fibrous scan was done and it also showed I have stage 4 scarring on my liver this is very concerning and to be honest it does have me scared

  1. Hi . My heart goes out to you. A new diagnosis can be overwhelming and even more so when you learn you have significant liver damage. I am glad you doctor caught it now before the liver damage got any worse. Your Hep C can be cured with antiviral treatment, but cirrhosis (the scarring) can't be reversed. However, you can prevent further damage with the help of your doctor. Here is an article about Hep C and cirrhosis of the liver that you might find helpful: Have you experienced any liver-related symptoms? Has your doctor said how soon you can start Hep C treatment? Have you started treatment for ITP? Many, many people with cirrhosis caused by Hep C live full lives. You can be one of those people. Keep us posted, if you don't mind. I will be thinking of you. Please know we are here for you whenever you need support or a place to vent. - Gentle hugs. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Hi . With the new year approaching, I wanted to check in and see whether you have started treatment. Thinking of you and wishing you the very best. - Lori (Team Member)

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