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Hepatitis C Symptoms

How can I gain weight?

  • By Goldie

    Looking for tips and/or advice on gaining weight.

    • By Rick Nash Moderator


      Medical cannabis has shown the ability to stimulate appetite, I personally used it for this specific purpose while in between treatments. It also assisted me with pain relief, and quelling insomnia and headaches. But it’s something that is odd to bring up at a doctors office as like Hep C, it carries stigma.

      There are federally legal synthetic versions of cannabis, like Marinol. When I would talk to my doc about drug interactions where I needed to know if cannabis had conflicts, I would ask about Marinol.
      I want to be clear I’m not suggesting or endorsing the use of Marinol.

      It’s also important to note that the methods of cannabis consumption are not equal. Smoking it is dangerous, as smoking is dangerous. Properly labeled and distributed edibles and tinctures, with known quantities, are far less risky than smoking.
      There are also other methods which are far more discrete like bath bombs and pills.

      -Rick Nash Six Time Treatment Dragon Slayer and Transplant Recipient

  • By Terry57

    I’ve been trying to gain weight too.
    But it keeps dropping.

    I’ve been drinking The nutritional drink “Ensure Plus”, it says on the label to maintain or gain weight.
    350 calories each

    I also eat frozen yogurt that has 21 g of sugar in it at night and try to eat a lot of food during the day. I am not keen on sweets.

    so far nothing is been working. Cannot smoke they drug test at work .

  • By Rick Nash Moderator


    A common misconception is that consumption of sugar at night can lead to weight gain. (That’s more to do with people stress eating more at night.) It’s a lot more complex, and how your body burns off that sugar and when is more governed by your sleep cycle, metabolic burn rate and when fighting liver cirrhosis: muscle wasting.

    It’s better to use a complex variety of fats, sugars, proteins, and carbs. Because at the end of the day a calorie is a calorie, but a damaged liver is more sensitive to fats and protein. I used to drink Ensure Plus two to three times a day, in addition to meals in attempt to keep my weight. They’re really useful in that they contain most of what your body needs, so when fighting muscle wasting, it’s ideal.

    But I also snacked on mixed nuts: dry roasted lightly salted macadamia nuts, roasted no salt cashews, honey roasted peanuts dry roasted Almonds and Banana chips: In addition to being tasty it also contains the electrolytes your liver wants ( this also helps with muscle cramps.) Alongside everything to provide stable energy by combining different types of fats and sugars.

    Another method to increasing appetite while increasing weight is snacking. (keep meals large, but having carb heavy snacks is ideal.)

    Exercise can also increase appetite and help regulate sleep. Not all exercise is fat burning, I use walking and arm curls.
    It’s all rooted in kick-starting a sketchy endocrine system (located primarily in the liver, it helps regulate hormones, sleep, and appetite among other things.) The key is to keep your caloric intake above your burn rate. There are apps which can help keep track of both intake and exercise, which allows you to almost watch how it should be affecting you.

    For reference I was consuming nearly 4500 calories per day in 2016, and I barely maintained my weight of 170. (I also have a fast metabolism.)
    Lots of Potatoes, Cheese, Nuts, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Avocado and Parfaits. Kept sodium down while calories up.

    I hope this helps!

    -Rick Nash Six Time Treatment Dragon Slayer and Transplant Recipient

  • By Randy Moderator

    @goldie @terry57

    Hi you two. In addition to what Rick has already offered I’d like to chime in as I’ve had weight issues for years. I had Hep C for almost 40 yrs and cured 3 yrs ago. Aside from the known issues surrounding weight loss with severe liver damage (I have cirrhosis) I also have a coexisting disorder that has to do with motility issues(gastroparesis). It took me years to find out this was a condition outside of my liver, though digestive. Please talk to your doc, preferably gastroenterologist, to seek or rule out answers regarding any GI disorder. It helped me tremendously!!
    In the 95lb+ club and moving up the scale : ) (Randy, Community Moderator)

  • By Terry57

    Dear Ricky and Randy, thank you for your good advice and information!!
    I appreciate it . 🙂