My Hep C Journey

I was 58 years old when my primary physician said she could not find anywhere if I had been tested for hepatitis C. I told her I didn't need to be tested, but she insisted since I am a baby boomer.

Shocking test results

Two weeks later she told me that I indeed had the antibodies and sent me for further testing. My viral load was huge, and I was infected big-time with the virus.

I am an RN and was shocked to learn this news. I have never used IV drugs. Then, I remembered I had two blood transfusions after surgery in 1985. I thought they tested blood for HIV and hep C, but then I did some research. They didn't start testing for hep C until 1992.

Getting treatment for hepatitis C

I have gone 37 years with the virus. I immediately got on Mavyret for 8 weeks (well, it took a month). My fibroscan stated I am at the higher end of stage two.

I don't drink alcohol, thank God. My viral load was negative six weeks after starting treatment and again a week after I finished treatment, it was again negative. I have another viral load in 7 weeks to see if I am in SVR.

I had no side effects from the Mavyret except some fatigue. To tell you the truth, I am still a little shocked I had this virus for so long. This site has helped me not feel alone and has educated me immensely.

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