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Questions about side effects from interferon treatment (1998)

Need diagnostic help. Have recurring Pericardial and Plural Effusions. Only16-20 mg Prednisone able to keep inflammation down. All standard autoimmune tests neg. Had HVC and treated 11 months interferon 3x wk 1997-1998. Have had several acute pancreatitis attacks Idiopathic (no alcohol in 30 years} 2014-2015 removal of gallbladder 2015 nothing really wrong with it, just a little sand. Currently… Stress test no blockages, pulmonary checks out fine, RA neg Lupus neg Sarcoidosis neg. I need to find out what is causing these effusions and get off the Predisone ASAP. Anybody with something similar?

Community Answers
  • CaseyH moderator
    2 years ago

    Hi jwalsh86. Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, we can not give out specific medical advice or diagnoses over the internet (for your safety!), but this is an interesting, and scary, situation to be in! We would recommend talking to your provider about the possible connection between your treatment and the cardiovascular complications you’re experiencing. In the meantime, I found a link to an article that you may find interesting for an example interferon treatment, which lists the potential side effects, including cardiovascular complications. You can find this here,

    Please know we’re thinking of you, and hope you are able to find relief from this issue ASAP! If you get a chance to talk with your healthcare team about this, please let us know what they say! We’re here for you and wishing you the best! -Casey, Team

  • jwalsh86 author
    2 years ago

    Many thanks for the lead! I will give it a read. I do understand about Medical Advice, but I appreciate all comers.

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