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Is exercise ok, on treatment with HCV?

Hi… I am 25 girl, and I found out for HCV about 6 months ago. I’ve just started treatment with Harvoni for 12 weeks. I wondered is it good exercise during this treatment, because I am going to the gym 4x times a week, lifting heavy weights. Some HCV fitness lover here or builders?? Thank you

Community Answers
  • rosenrot author
    1 year ago

    Thank you Randy for your support. I am trying to do all that. I am very strong for now, even my fibrosis is F2/F3 and have pain. I dont give up, exersice 4x times a week, working, and resting when i feel tired. Its good for now.

  • Randy moderator
    1 year ago

    Hey rosenrot and congrats on starting treatment! I’m definitely not a builder but I know that exercise is a good thing and it’s really important to keep moving. I didn’t in treatment and oh boy did I ever debilitate. I would suggest you clear excessive work out with your healthcare provider and make sure you hydrate hydrate hydrate! And rest when you need to! Wishing you the very best treat and cure! Stay updated ok? (Randy, Community Moderator)

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