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What are the chances of contracting Hep C if exposed to dried blood with open cuts?

Good day, I apologize if I may sound intrusive realizing that this is an exposure/risk question about contracting Hep C.
However, I value your opinion, I’m an active blood/plasma donor. I have some concerns, after using a towel at a reputable hotel with what seem to be dried blood.
Right after shaving, I did have fresh cuts. I can’t tell if my cuts were in direct contact or no, I assume that towel went through a wash and drying cycle.
How much of a risk would that be?
I thank you for your understanding, and I support you and wish you the best!

Community Answers
  • Karen Hoyt moderator
    12 months ago

    No apologies for intelligent questions. Other’s have had similar experiences and concerns.

    Hepatitis C can live for about 4 days outside the body and still cause infection. Any surface that that contains blood or other body fluids can pose a risk of exposure by contact with an open wound.

    A simple test can rule out the Hep C Virus and your doctor can help you with that.

    Also, thanks of being a blood/plasma donor. What a great heart you have.

    Keep us posted! Karen, Moderator

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