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Five Positive Benefits of Hep C Treatment

You may be wondering about what five positive benefits of hep C treatment there could be. As someone who just celebrated 10 years of being free from that virus, I’ll spell them out for you.

Every day, I encounter things in life that bring me constant reminders of what it meant to move forward with treatment and move into my future.

Five positive benefits of hep C treatment


Overcoming my fear of treatment took more courage than I knew was in me. I trusted a medical team to guide me through the process of applying for the medical co-payment.

Then I had to bring that prescription home and set my timers to take those meds daily. Once I had made up my mind, I was a roaring lion.

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Nothing could stop me.


Courage serves you well when you start something. A person needs a lot of persistence to continue to do something day in and day out.

After a busy day at work, I just needed to sleep. One day, while taking hepatitis C treatment, I pulled over and slept in my car on the way home.

But I did go home and fall into bed. Then I got up the next morning and did it again.

I just wouldn’t quit.


Do you know those punching bags that are weighted with sand? Boxers use them for training.

They bounce back up after you hit them. That, my friend, is resilience. Taking a punch and having the inner strength to get back up again is a gift.

You were born with it. Every toddler who falls while learning to walk will pull themselves back up.

Sitting down for a while is okay if you get fatigued while on treatment. Then take a deep breath and get back up.


When your insurance company gives you a hassle, fix it and move on. If your boss asks you to work over, just get it done.

If your family is less than supportive, cover your ears. Look at any hassles in life as temporary.

There are ways to work around little problems. Tune it out and do your best.

You will soon be so flexible that nothing can keep you down for long.


When you need support, you find out who you can count on. Building a team is important when you get a diagnosis of hepatitis C.

You will have good communication with a medical team that you can trust. Some family relationships may need some tweaking.

If they are not on board with you, it may mean you can look to friends. You're becoming a team builder.

You do find out who your friends are while treating. Some of your best friends will be online in a supportive community.

Making a better future for yourself

After a Hepatitis C diagnosis, you may focus on all of your life's negatives. That’s okay.

Some of the obstacles are real. Keep your eyes on all you will gain while becoming hepatitis C-free.

Remember these five positive benefits of hepatitis C treatment, and you’ll keep those benefits for life.

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