Straddling the Fence on Getting Treatment

Are you straddling the fence on whether you should or should not seek treatment for your hepatitis C?

You are not alone. There are thousands out there who are newly diagnosed and faced with the same situation. 

Many are finding out are getting diagnosed with no support, no information, or no direction as to what comes next.

I talk a lot about this within my private group about those undecided about getting cured. Many reasons are hindering their choices and the main one is just coming to terms with being diagnosed with hep C. 

Why you should get treated for hep C

Seeking out information and looking for options is confirming in their minds what they really wish would just disappear. The only problem here is hepatitis C does not clear up on its own. 

There are cases, mind you, but the percentage is extremely low that one’s body can fight it off on its own. You have to seek treatment.

With that said I do not encourage you to sit around praying and hoping your diagnosis with hep C just goes away. As you delay, the damage is being done daily.  

Hep C is serious. It can kill your liver and cause so many more things to happen to your body.

Also, I find when the stage of diagnosis is found to be low as some doctors may not offer treatment because you are not severe enough. This is outrageous as the sooner we can kill this virus the sooner and better.

There are new regimens that are very fast-acting and in the blink of an eye, you are done with treatment. And then life can continue. 

Seeking support from those who are treated

Considering the lasting effects, it is my personal opinion to get treated as soon as possible and if your doctor is not willing to treat, I would keep pushing the issue with him/her. Keep in mind those of us in the community are coming from personal experience from hep C and are here to listen.

Living first hand and dealing with this, we do know routes that might be better for a newly diagnosed based on our own journeys.

Also, I would recommend joining support groups. There might be some available at local hospitals and for those who want more private communication, I suggest the forums here research online, and hep C Facebook groups.

My foundation, The Bonnie Morgan Foundation for HCV, offers various private support groups (depending on the stage of diagnosis) for those currently on treatment, and even post-treatment.  We also offer caregiver and child support groups for families that have a small child or children with hep C.

Jumping off that fence and seeking treatment will be your best chance for beating this before it does more damage to your liver.  If you are hitting a roadblock, continue to be persuasive in getting treatment. 

Don’t give in to thinking "not right now".

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