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Searching for the Doctor Who Would Listen

My liver journey started in 2005. The first doctor I had was cold and callous toward me. 

They almost made me feel ashamed for having hep C. No communication during my visits, no eye contact, and I can’t remember a time there was ever a physical touch to examine my abdomen was done.

He treated me like I was some off-breed of a human and was deathly afraid of me.

Finding a liver doctor that listens

2010 I found the most amazing hepatologist in Denver. I was reading his published books on hep C. I actually tried to make an appointment to get in to see him but his office stated he no longer was accepting new patients.   

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I was sad but was in the process of scheduling with a partner of his when I ended up in the hospital with extremely high blood pressure. In walks the doctor, informing me he was taking over my liver care from this point out. 

I instantly felt relieved. From that moment and all through my failed treatment and several attempts at getting on a clinical trial, he had a way of calming my spirit. 

He knew my story and the fear of dying like my mom, which he knew. With a reassuring tone he said “Kim, please trust me”.

I felt that he understood my health goal and the urgency to cure. He knew my mindset was that of a strong fighter. 

Working with your doctor with your treatment

I gave my all to each thing and we, as a team, took care of my liver. The key here is TEAM.   

You must find that doctor that connects to you. One you trust and one who is fighting at your speed.

Dr. E retired 3 years ago, shortly after I was cured. I have since been placed with his replacement doctor. 

To be fair, have not really gotten to know this doctor as close as I did Dr. E. I am hesitant and still apprehensive with him. 

Not that he has done anything wrong but with time and age, a doctor comes with what I personally think is better knowledge of connection to treat patients. There is something to be said about a “textbook” doctor and one who knows the meaning of learning his patients. 

We are not all the same. Just like not all doctors are the same

Do not give up searching for that one doctor for your liver health.  If it does not feel right try another. 

As a disclaimer, not all new doctors are unqualified just as not all doctors in the field have the ability to connect with patients well. We are all different and we all deserve care and to feel heard.

Thank you to all the doctors out there taking care of us liver patients, we know we are not always easy to deal with. Thank you for being so patient.

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