Stomach Issues and Hep C: Part 2

In my last article, I wrote about learning that hepatitis c is a common factor in stomach issues with patients. As I personally battled gallbladder issues, and now 4 rounds of pancreatitis, I can attest to the fact that yes hep c does more damage to the body than just the liver.

If there was one thing I can share that I wish I knew earlier on in my own fight with hep c and if these newer regimes of treatments were available, I would have treated much sooner before I got to stage 4.

Cured from hep C but still having issues

It has been an uphill battle even after curing my hep c in 2015. It is brutal and it wreaks havoc on our whole bodies, not just the liver.

It is so important you remain faithful to liver doctor appointments after being cured if you are experiencing any other issues caused by hep c. Stomach issues in particular.

I am now home from a 7-day hospital stay fighting pancreatitis for the 4th time.  It is the most gosh-awful pain I have ever had in my life. 

You are throwing up bile, curled in a ball rocking yourself to soothe the pain.  The pain lasts until they give you morphine or dilaudid to ease it. 

However, the worst part is there is no food or water given to you till your blood work shows the inflammation is gone. Yes, the ultimate fast of all fasts. 

You are so hungry by day 6 and feel like you can drink gallons of water but are restricted to little amounts slowly so as not to trigger another attack.

Preventing stomach issues with diet

After my follow-up yesterday with my doctor, we discussed why hep c causes all this within our bodies. We also talked about restricting the production of bile to digest foods and ways I can help my own body avoid future issues.

Your diet is the key but not a total preventative. Although I was on a low-carb, no-fat diet and doing what I thought was right, it still happened to me. 

There is no reasoning behind it other than do your best to not give your body a reason to fight back.

Low sodium, low fats, no artificial sweeteners, processed foods, fried foods, spicy foods, and absolutely no alcohol.   
It sounds pretty boring I am sure however I will be sharing a good complete day's diet as an example in my coming blogs. 

Look for those articles to be published soon.  It is easier than you think and not too costly to eat clean.

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