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person pushes a cocktail away wondering if they can drink alcohol with hepatitis c

Going Alcohol-Free With Hepatitis C

During the last few years, the number of people drinking alcoholic beverages went up. Sales of liquor increased up to 262% during the pandemic lockdown.1 Since there was such a spike in alcohol use, doctors began to see more patients struggling with Alcoholic Liver Disease (ALD). When combining the inflammation of alcohol use and the hepatitis C virus, it can become a deadly problem. It’s a great case for going alcohol-free with hep C.

Getting healthy again

With life returning to "normal", now is the time to make positive changes relating to health. Many people have started on a weight loss program. It’s easy to cook some liver-friendly recipes. With fresh fruit available year round, even snacking can help improve your fitness. In addition to eating less junk food, it’s easy to begin to get more exercise, which can help while you're reducing alcohol.

Here are some simple steps you could try:


Moving is a simple way to improve your health. I rode my bicycle while I was getting ready to begin hepatitis C treatment. With my doctors approval, I was able to do moderate exercise. Because I had varices, my doctor prescribed a beta blocker that would help with the portal hypertension.

Non-alcoholic options

One of the ways to reduce alcoholic consumption is to sip on a non-alcoholic drink. There are many tasty alternatives on the market, making it an easy and delicious way to cut back alcohol. You can also talk to your doctor about getting support during your cutback.

Benefits of going alcohol-free

There are many possible benefits of going alcohol-free. Some include:

Liver health

Your liver begins to heal when you go alcohol-free. If you have hep C, your whole body is going to feel better faster without the alcohol. That’s double true if you are on treatment to be cured from hep C.


Many people notice that they get a better sleep pattern. Having a drink with alcohol before bed can stop you from going into a deep stage of sleep.

Less stress

It seems like an addiction can keep you calm. The truth is that substance use can create anxiety. Trying to put off the time till your next drink is stressful. With a non-alcoholic beverage, that’s not a problem. It can  help you during the initial stages of quitting drinking.

Gaining confidence

Knowing that you have what it takes to put your health first is always a winning situation. Every time you say no to alcohol, your mind will rewire to a new habit. That can help you in every area of your life.

Better relationships

Becoming more alert to the important people in your life is a byproduct of going alcohol-free.

More money

Think of all the money you can save by learning to stop that craving. You could use that extra cash to travel, start a new hobby, or to spend time with family.

Blood pressure

Stopping drinking can also help reduce your blood pressure.

It’s time for you to live your best life by getting rid of the virus. You can try going alcohol-free with hep C too! By keeping your thoughts on the benefits, it can increase your desire to stay in control of your liver health. There is a new future out there for those who are cured of hep C, and it can belong to you.

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