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Can Hep C Be Cured on Its Own?

Editor's note: Always consult your physician if you have issues or need medical advice.

When diagnosed with hep C, a patient may be seeking options for treatment of their hep C. Right now, the antivirals available to treat are showing impressive results in a very short time. 

Most are running a treatment course of 6-8 weeks. This is truly has been remarkable to see those being cured with much greater ease than the old regime of shots of interferon and ribavirin.

I had a lady reach out to me about treatments and ask me all sorts of questions, then out of the blue, said, “But hep C can go away on its own correct?” and "I will wait this out and hope my body beats this on its own."

Can hepatitis C be cured without treatment?

My answer was point and direct. “Yes, however, the chances of that doing on its own is rare, and you have much better odds of curing your hep C with the treatments versus waiting and hoping your hep C goes away on its own. Plus, curing it on your own happens early on in exposure and not after having hep C for many years."

Here is the breakdown of the possibility of hep C being cured on its own.

Curing hep c on its own is only a 15-20% chance of your body being able to fight and beat it alone. I am not saying it can’t, but the chances are extremely low and the likelihood of hep C causing more damage to your liver and body is great.1 

Again, it is probable to do upon early exposure, but probably not for anyone fighting this over the years.

It is my personal opinion, and I am no doctor, but I have been here advocating for over eight years, and I have only seen one person out of thousands I have encountered cure hep c on their own. 

It was done early on in diagnosis and exposure. It wasn't anyone who may have had this for years or decades.

Advantages of early treatment

Please think about your overall health and liver health. Seek treatment early and do all you can to get rid of this as soon as possible. If your doctor is delaying treatment, keep pushing your case, and don't stop until you get treatment.  

You are your best advocate. Don't play around with the odds of your body curing it.   

Early detection and treatment mean better liver health and, in the long run, better overall health.

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