a liver is shattering like glass from Hep C liver damage

Common Causes of Liver Damage

The liver can fall under attack from many causes, such the hepatitis C virus, other forms of liver disease, and other various elements. Fortunately, many liver-damaging causes and contributors are under our control and can be eliminated.

Common causes for liver damage

Some common, possible causes of liver damage include:

  • Hepatitis (A, B, C, D, E)
  • Other types of liver disease
  • Certain over-the-counter & prescription medications can damage the liver
  • Some herbal supplements
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Chemicals
  • Drugs
  • Diet

Can liver damage be reversed?

The liver is one of the largest life-sustaining organs in the body. You cannot live without your liver. The liver has many functions necessary to sustain your body. It can repair liver damaged to a point, with regenerating healthy liver tissue, but it cannot regenerate from severe scarring such as cirrhosis.

Does hep C treatment cure liver damage?

Hepatitis C treatment itself does not cure liver damage. The hep C treatment attacks the protein in the virus-cell, preventing it from replicating and destroying the virus, eliminating the virus from the body. Once the virus is eliminated, the liver can repair and regenerate if liver damage is not severe.
Hepatitis C treatment does not cure conditions like cirrhosis, but many associated conditions have been shown to get better once the virus is eliminated.

Taking control

There are many proactive steps you can do to protect your liver. Your doctor may recommend the following steps to help protect your liver:

  • Getting vaccinated for hepatitis A & B. There is no vaccine for hepatitis C, but you can avoid risk factors.
  • Reading labels of all medications you take. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist about all over-the-counter and prescription medications and amounts that are safe for your liver condition.
  • Using caution with herbal supplements: Herbal supplements have not gone through clinical medical studies and not regulated in the US, meaning that many of their claims and ingredients may not be valid. Many herbal supplements have been shown to cause liver damage. Always talk to your doctor and pharmacist before taking anything.
  • Avoiding alcohol: Alcohol of any type for liver disease patients is like throwing gasoline on a fire. It accelerates liver damage and can compromise liver function. Avoiding all alcohol is best for your liver.
  • Not smoking: The World Journal of Gastroenterology reported, “Smoking yields chemicals with oncogenic potential that increases the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with viral hepatitis and are independent of viral infection as well.”1
  • Avoiding drugs and chemicals: Drugs and chemicals have damaging toxic effects on the liver, which can compromise liver function and cause associated liver problems. Eliminate doing drugs. Avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible.
  • Eating well: High amounts of sodium, sugar, and unhealthy fats as well as overeating can contribute to liver damage. Fatty deposits develop in the liver, causing liver damage in the form of Fatty Liver Disease and can compromise liver function. Eating a liver-healthy diet and losing weight (if needed) can help your liver function better.

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