Life Beyond 9 years Being Cured

Life beyond recovery with hepatitis C is often achieved after a long journey. Mine journey lasted 20 years, plus additional recovery time.

What is lifelike on the other side of recovery? Life after being cured is my new normal.

Prior to my cure for hepatitis C, I experienced fluctuating fatigue that I felt so tired, I could hardly do anything. My life was full of doctor’s appointments, blood tests, and waiting for treatment.

Now things are so different.

Life before treatment

I made a proactive liver plan, which helped. This included:

A healthy liver eating plan
Mild exercise every day
A daily gratitude journal so that I could keep my thoughts uplifted and positive
Doctor’s appointment notes, blood work, and test results
Drinking 64 ounces of water daily which was infused with citrus to keep me hydrated, flush toxins out of my body, and help with liver function
Avoided alcohol of all types along with harmful medications, and chemicals
Taking rest breaks often to help with fatigue and reduce stress
Attended weekly worship, bible study, and prayer for spiritual health and support

Life after treatment

I made a recovery plan involving all the elements of my proactive liver plan to help my liver heal.

Reach out to others who have hepatitis C to encourage and support them as they go through each phase of hepatitis C. Giving is receiving and promotes healing.

Never underestimate the value of support. We need each other during every phase of hepatitis C.

It has been 9 years since I was cured of hepatitis C. Sometimes it's hard to believe it has been that long, yet in some ways, it seems like yesterday.

Update after being cured

I no longer think about my blood work or liver damage
I do not worry about the hepatitis C giant any longer, because it is dead
I have been cleared and released from my hepatologist with a new diagnosis, hep C cured!
My liver has fully recovered and is in great shape
My energy is completely restored
I continue to practice a healthy liver plan to stay healthy and protect my liver
I continue to practice protective measures to avoid contracting hepatitis C, and other harmful viruses

We only have one liver. Being proactive with a healthy liver plan is for the rest of your life.

No matter if you are going through the journey with hepatitis C, or in recovery, take care of yourself. Help your liver so your liver can help you.

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