How to Manage Hepatitis C

After hearing from your doctor that you have hep C, it’s easy to become filled with fear. You might not have everything ready to begin managing it and getting treatment.

The doctor may want to do some tests first. Maybe it’s just not a good time to get the news that you have a virus in your bloodstream that is hurting your liver.

Don’t stress. You can learn how to manage hep C and then make your decisions.

Managing your hepatitis C diagnosis

Your first blood test is only the beginning. After that, some doctors run another test to see your viral load. It can be important to check your liver enzymes for signs of damage.

General blood labs like CBC can also tell your doctor a lot about your body in a short amount of time. If you have had hep C for a while, it’s a good idea to make sure that everything else in your body is holding up so you can manage hep C.

I wouldn't say I liked this part, and I got mad when they asked me to come back for more testing. In the long run, it was smart. I had liver damage and needed to take some medications to get ready for treatment.

Paying for your hep C treatment

If you have good insurance, it is a bonus for you right about now. Your medical team can start deciding how to help you manage hep C and get healthy.

I did not have insurance, and it took a while to see how my medication could be paid for. The nurses and people at my medical office helped me.

If you need extra help paying for medication, do not be afraid to ask someone. You may take other medications, and now is the time to look at the big picture of your finances and health.

Take care of yourself

Everyone knows that good food, water, rest, and sunshine are all important. When you have a virus like hep C, please take good care of your body.

You may not feel like jogging in the park, but at least get out and walk in the fresh air. Avoid sugary or alcoholic drinks, replace them with coffee and tea, and drink more water.

I made it a point to get a good night's sleep. That helped me work part-time before I started treatment.

You are on the right path

If you take all the above steps, you have everything under control. You’ve learned how to manage hep C.

Now all you need to do is start the treatment and get rid of the virus. There are fast-acting pills that can have you cured quickly.

You’ve gotten through the testing, the financial part, and taking care of yourself. Now add a daily routine of medications, and hep C will soon be part of your past.

All you have to do is manage your new hep C-free life.

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