Hep C's Scary Symptoms: Everything You Need to Know

Does anyone else have weird stuff happening with their body? Sometimes late at night, a lingering pain might grab your attention.

It could be one of the scary symptoms of hep C that you need to know about. If you have talked to your family or friends about hep C, ask them to help you.

You might consider going to the ER to get checked out. Maybe you do an internet search and end up here.

I’ve been cured of hep C, and I know some symptoms can freak you out. Let’s take a look at some of the more common ones.

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Scary symptoms of hep C

Stomach Pain

It could start as a queasy feeling. It could even feel like you might have eaten bad food.

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If your stomach is yucky for too long, it might mean something more. When you have hep C, it can cause your liver to clog up.

The blood can back up into your stomach or esophagus. I ignored that for too long, and my stomach started bleeding.

If your sick stomach doesn’t go away, or if you throw up blood or coffee-ground-colored vomit, a call to your doctor is warranted.

Bruising easily

You might look down and see a bruise on your leg or arm. It could be a bad sign if you don’t even remember bumping into something.

When you have hep C, your body gets out of balance. You might be lacking important vitamins and minerals.

Before you start taking a supplement, find out what is causing it. Bruising might be a platelet problem. It could also be a vitamin deficiency.

Either way, your medical provider can help you get balanced again. A simple blood test can tell your doctor why you are bruising.

Feeling fatigue

It’s normal to feel rested when you wake up. If your body feels heavy, sitting up can be a chore. Walking across the room feels like you're in sand.

If you have not been cured of hep C, it’s time. Your body feels like you have the flu 24/7, and it’s begging for a break. I reached the point where sleeping in my car at the side of the road was a regular thing.

Don’t ignore your body if you’re always feeling the urge to sleep. It is a signal that your body is running out of energy.

Hair loss

Some people don’t notice their hair is thinning too soon. It was one of the first things that bothered me.

Finding hair in the shower and tub might be natural. When you find the vacuum cleaner full, pay attention. It became a joke at our house that I dropped a few hairs in everything I cooked.

Ultimately, it wasn’t funny because my ponytail was so thin. Fighting a virus like hep C is no joke to your hair health.

Managing hep C and healing the liver

Not everyone gets scary symptoms of Hep C. If you get cured early enough, your liver can heal fast.

For some of us, the symptoms worsen until we finally get treated and are hep C-free. When your liver is inflamed from hep C, it’s giving you these signs that it needs a break.

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