A Healing Mindset With Hepatitis C

Upon my diagnosis of hepatitis C, I was immediately overwhelmed by the mental and emotional weight of my new reality. Before discussing treatment options and the next steps, I had already decided in my head and heart that my life was “over.”

Only after I took time to step back, breathe, and discuss things with my doctor that I realized there were so many different ways to heal.

Now whether you’re able to receive treatment or not, there is still so much healing you can do on your own. There are tools, practices, and lifestyle shifts to do for self-healing.

How to heal your mindset

While there are lots of physical parts in healing, there are also some pretty neat mental and mindset healing tactics that I’d like to share today.

These are the tools and practices that helped me shift my mindset and heal my mind to feel more hope, peace, and resilience in my hepatitis C healing journey.

Practicing mindfulness was a big part of my internal healing journey. Due to my symptoms and pains, I was living every day in a state of frustration, anguish, anxiety, upset, or worst of all, hopelessness.

Learning how to work with my mind and emotions through mindfulness opened up so many doors for healing. All of these practices I’m about to share are rather simple at their core but can have a tremendous impact on our mental state.

They helped my body shift into a calm state to promote deeper healing versus living in a triggered, inflammatory state 24/7.

First up, meditation. I recommend starting with a guided meditation that’s short and simple. 2-5 minutes will work just fine.

There are tons of these for free on YouTube, or try downloading an app like Calm or Headspace for unique selections. Try to create a habit of this by stacking it with something else you already do on a daily basis.

Perhaps you meditate every day after waking up, before breakfast, after you shower, or while you sit with your morning coffee.

Next, books as a way of enriching your mind. Reading can teach us so much and truly help shift mindsets with old beliefs.

Some of my favorite books for internal healing include “When Things Fall Apart”, “The Untethered Soul,” and “Think Like a Monk.” If you’d rather listen to these learnings, get the audiobook and listen on your daily commute, walk while getting ready, or during meals. These pieces all helped me feel more grounded and calm during my healing process.

Lastly, good ‘ole pen & paper journaling. Think of journaling as personal therapy.

It’s free (besides paper and pen) and can be done whenever, however, and wherever you’d like. Use your journaling time to brain-dump everything weighing on your mind and then read through it to see what’s been bothering you. This can be a time to write out what fears, frustrations, or overwhelming experiences you may be having.

It can also be a good practice to acknowledge and appreciate any good in life!

Whether you incorporate one or all three of these practices, healing your mindsets around life can support anyone healing through a physical health diagnosis. Support your mind, support your healing, and feel the difference in your journey!

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