a butterfly with liver-shaped wings, exits it's chrysalis as a metaphor for Hep C damage being reversed

A Healing Liver

Recently, I wrote about my recent liver biopsy for a clinical trial for end stage liver disease. This was a trial with no medication, just a monitoring of my liver to see if a decompensated liver can regrow after being cured of hep C. I went for blood draws, scans, and was monitored closely for 5 years after my clinical trial that CURED my hepatitis C.

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Helping my liver to heal

I was always very hopeful and prayed my liver would heal. I was told from my hepatologist that if my liver started regenerating, it would take decades to recover from end stage liver disease. Regardless, I felt in my heart and did everything I could on my end to ensure my liver had the best possible chance to heal. NO alcohol, ate healthy, steered away from lots of processed food, and stayed away from red meats. I wanted to be my liver's best friend in the healing process.

My biopsy results

My liver biopsy was performed on March 23rd. I was told it would take a few days to get the report back and like everyone else, I was so excited and nervous to hear results. The moment came... An email stating the results. I opened with much anticipation and began reading, but with all the intense “doctors’ language”, I began to struggle what I was reading. I looked for words that I could understand. One phrase was "No apparent cirrhosis noted". I screamed with joy.

BUT, I have learned through my years of going to liver doctors to seek out clear language on any testing done from my trusted liver doctor. I messaged him my test and asked him to translate in terminology I could understand Both he and my now liver doctor responded with a note stating that my biopsy was very fragmented and it was difficult to determine the actual stage of my liver off the biopsy sample they retrieved. They both mentioned, however, that the report stated that no cirrhosis was visible. WHAT? NO cirrhosis? How can that be? IT’S A MIRACLE!

My liver is healing

That is all I needed to hear. With those words, they told me my liver was healing very well and was finally going in the right direction. I will say I cried and cried. I messaged my daughter and son immediately, as they have been the two key figures in my liver journey. They are for whom I fought so hard. My cheerleaders and my rock.  My new husband got to see the realm of what we go through in a health crisis. He comes from a very healthy family and this was all new.

Of course, we had a great time celebrating my progress and will continue to do all I can to aide it the full recovery of my liver. There is hope for end stage liver disease. Do not give up. It is possible to regenerate if we take care of our bodies and do all we can to ensure the health of our livers.


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