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Looking on the Bright Side

Every cloud has a silver lining. There are many other phrases like these that carry or support a narrative. Meanings aside, we do have a lot of sayings meant to elicit a feeling or thought. Looking on the bright side or brighter side is my own crazy way of saying that although there is plenty of time for darkness, there is a time to look on the lighter and brighter side.

Humor can get us through tough times

If you read any of my blogs over time you may have noticed a darker tone in recent months. The only reasonable explanation is that I am dealing with some troublesome health issues again. And, to be honest, it has been a struggle to be very upbeat all the time. Not to say that there have not been moments when humor and levity was present, there is no way to oppress that entirely, thankfully.

Laughter and levity are critical in promoting wellness and just as critical as many medicines, and we are all familiar with the saying about it being the best medicine. Just writing this is helping me to smile. Maybe you are too, and I hope so even if you don’t feel sick we can all use a smile and a laugh.

It can be hard to stay positive

It can be a great challenge to be positive in the faint light of illness, and of this there is no doubt at all. It robs us of so much if we resign or retreat from doing the things we enjoy, or just having a laugh. When I feel at my worst it helps to remind myself that it probably won’t go on forever, or that there is a good chance it won’t. When I feel good or at least not bad, I try to take a moment to acknowledge the moment as being good. This is the brighter side and when we can string a whole bunch of those together we have what I think is wellness or wellbeing.

One thing I am reminded of when it comes to my own journey with hep C is that I am very happy to be hep C free. It has been one crazy ride over a long road before and after cure but there are no regrets. Regret leads down a dark path. Although we all have made wrong turns here and there, it is just the nature of life, isn’t it?

Letting the brightness into our lives

I am not selling balloons or unicorns and suggesting that we all have an easy time with this disease and the things that come with it, even after cure for some. But if we can’t find a chance, a sliver even, where levity and brightness can enter into our lives, it will be tougher all around. We will all have a different version of what levity or humor looks like, and who is to say what will work best for you. Maybe it’s funny stories or TV shows, or stand up comedy or zany and wacky fun stuff; whatever brings you outside the worrisome and hurt of disease or illness.

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