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Hep C symptoms

When I had Hep C and didn't know it yet, I was so tired. But I was injured by a Dr. During laparoscopic Cholycystectomy and went thru 5 reconstructive surgeries on the common bile duct. Then I lost half my liver. So I didn't know what was what.
I have a question. I went thru 3 treatments. The first 2 was with Ribavirin and the shot to the tummy or thigh. I can't remember the name of it. It didn't work neither time. Then Sovaldi came out and I took that for 12 weeks and was finally undetectable.
Is it possible I get infected again? All I want to do is sleep! I have nausea and discomfort on my right side. Could I get this virus again?

  1. Hi Sarahdee. Yes, it is possible to get hepatitis C more than once. Unlike measles or mumps, the antibodies from hepatitis C are not protective. So, if people Are exposed again, the virus can reoccur. Please speak to your doctor and ask for a viral load test. You will always have antibodies if you were ever exposed so that is not a test that can tell if you have actual virus. I wish you well. (Sue, Community Moderator)

    1. Thank you Susan, That's what I was thinking....thank you so much!

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