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How have you felt during or since hep C treatment?

We've heard from many in our community about how they have felt since completing hepatitis C. Some users have shared they feel better after treatment than they did with hep C. Others have shared experiencing and even struggling with tough and debilitating side effects, including peripheral neuropathy and skin rashes. How have you felt since completing treatment? Some questions to consider:
What did you take for treatment and how long?How long did you life with hep C? What was your liver disease stage?Did you experience side effects on treatment? Have they lasted after?What side effects are you experiencing?

  1. This coming January 14th will mark my 7th year of being cured of HepC via the clinical trial of Harvoni (Ledipaspir, sofosbuvir) + ribavirin! My journey was similar to Connie Welch's with the only apparent differences being the timing of treatment and length of infection. Harvoni is an all oral treatment after three failed interferon injectable trials, with zero side effects compared to interferon which had many. Being cured after receiving a liver transplant has improved my health and quality of life significantly especially the fatigue, weakness and depression. Thank you for sharing your story and I especially wish to thank Dr. Michael Sofia, the scientist who discovered Sofosbuvir, the key to the cure!

    1. Hi , your seven year anniversary is coming up soon! Congratulations. It's great to hear that your health and quality of life have improved after finishing Harvoni. When did you undergo three interferon trials? -Matt (Team Member)

    2. Hi WilsonRx,
      Congratulations on your New Life 7th Anniversary!! I say new life, because that is exactly what it is, a new life without hep C. I'm so sorry you had to go through such an extensive ordeal. I am glad to hear you are feeling so much better since being cured and recovering from your liver transplant.

      Many Blessings on a long beautiful future ahead my friend, Connie-Author/Moderator@Hepatitis

  2. My 3 year old has been taking Harvoni for 28 days today. I am in the phase of getting treatment approved as well. My question: Have any other parents of young treatment recipients experienced behavior changes in their child? I don't know if it is due to fatigue or the Hep C itself but after 3 weeks on Harvoni he has started throwing things, yelling and hitting. This is brand new for my son. The only change in his life is the addition of "Taking our medicine balls" every night. Can anyone relate I know 3 is a newer approved age group but has anyone heard of this before? I am thinking fatigue mixed with brain fog....but we are feeling pretty overhwelmed and don't know what to do during these outbursts. They seem to happen at nap and night time but sometimes mid morning and evening as well. Any feedback or comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    1. It could be a combination of things such as fatigue, a new med, side effects from the medication, or any new changes.

      I know I didn’t want to take medication at that age and I cried, threw temper tantrums, and was very angry because none of my siblings or friends had to take medications at a very young age.

      As for myself, I had congenital heart disease and I’ve been taking medications pretty much all my life including on and off during my early childhood. In 2019, I received a Hep C heart and I still have liver fibrosis.

      I would definitely recommend talking with your medical professional about your son’s recent status while taking Harvoni.

      Thank you for sharing. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

  3. Hi Leslie, thank you so much for your response. Yes all those things are true with toddlers. Especially during times of stress. Nothing else has changed in our lives except the treatment. However he can sense our stress and when i am upset he can feel it. We have spoken to his GI and will be sharing this with his PCP as well. As for me I have been diagnosed for over a decade and am about to get my ultra sound to get my GI referral to start with him. Anyway I appreciate the support. People tend to have a prejudice on this diagnosis so the feeling that we aren't alone is so important right now! You are an amazing survivor girl! Thanks so much for sharing your story and support with me!

    1. I agree, as I too, had some backlash for receiving an organ with Hep C. It’s not very easy for people to understand sometimes or the prejudge an individual without even listening or even asking questions about the why and how. Most of the time it’s just people assuming and not giving a person a chance to explain or at least show consideration and compassion towards one another. Feel free to update us anytime. We are definitely here to support you. ( Leslie, Community Moderator)

  4. I am in my 2nd month of no trace hoping it stays that way. Forty years of living with the beast has taken its toll, end-stage cirrhosis and all that goes with it. Epclusa came to the rescue easy as pie. It was like a veil being lifted off my head but the damage is done. Above all get cured!

    1. That’s wonderful to hear you were able to receive the Hepatitis C treatment. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

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