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Who helped you the most in your hep C journey? Share a photo!

Share appreciation for the person in your life who has helped you the most in your hep C journey! How have these support you?

  1. My husband and best friend John, aka "Mr. Fix-It" helped me the most in my hep C journey. His support was amazing. He went with me to doctor's appointments, encouraged me, ran errands, helped with meals, etc. His prayers, love, and support were endless. When I felt rotten, he listened and held me while I cried. He went through this journey with me, every step of the way. Without him, it would have been so much harder. I am eternally thankful for him.

    1. Dr. Barbra Cave & the Staff University of Louisville Hepatitis Center

      1. Dr. Christopher Sciortino, Traci Snyder-Mcgaha, Presbyterian Hospital staff and especially my family.

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