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I am diagnosed with hep C and live in Nigeria, and needing help with treatment

Good evening! I have been diagnosed with HEP C (Reactive), please I live in Nigeria and I don't know if HEP C community can help me to access with treatment as I started noticing some of the symptoms. Please I' am scared and I need help. Thank you.

  1. Hi Borosb98, thank you for letting us know about your situation. We are an online health community and unable to provide direct support. There are non-profit and pharmaceutical patient assistance programs available that we list under our resources page. They may be able to help, though I am unsure if or how they offer assistance internationally.

    Are there non-profits in Nigeria or the capital that may be able to provide support? The World Health Organization country office may be able to advise, their contact information is available here.

    -Matt (Team Member)

    1. Thank you Sir. I really appreciate your response.

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