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Hep C Resources

Hearing a diagnosis of Hepatitis C can be scary and hard to handle. You are not alone in worrying about the diagnosis. For many, a lot of questions will arise.

How will I afford the costs of treatment?
Is there financial assistance available?
Can I apply for disability?
What my prognosis? Is it curable?
What should I expect in the journey ahead?
How easily is Hep C transmitted?
Do I qualify for a clinical trial?
Are there others out there like me?
How can I create awareness for Hep C?
Where can I help others who were recently diagnosed?

If you’re worrying about the costs of treatments, many pharmaceutical companies have financial assistance programs available. Looking for clinical trials? The National Institute of Health provides a website where you can search for available studies or find results from recent studies. Want to find out if you qualify for disability? There’s a site available to help guide you to see if you could qualify for government assistance.

Want to talk to someone who’s gone through treatment? Help-4-Hep provides a peer-to-peer toll-free helpline.

In order to help everyone from those recently diagnosed to those looking to create awareness about the disease, we’ve compiled a list of these resources that can help you get answers to the questions above.

Informational Resources

Prescription Assistance Programs

Support Resources

Written by: Jonathan Simmons | Last reviewed: March 2015.