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Newly diagnosed hep C

Hi everyone ..I'm a 65 year old gal who just got diagnosed with hep C. Just started Medicare and haven't begun treatments yet. Gotta get a US this May. I got acute high BP and underactive thyroid. I am glad I found this site. I am worried because they cannot ascertain how long I have had hep C. I guess it's the not knowing that's really bugging me. I don't have symptoms but I know that if not treated it will be bad . My other meds for BP and thyroid don't interact well and the liver being messed up. Well, I think, I'm not metabolizing properly. Oh man its like a Catch-22 you know what I mean?

  1. Hi , thank you for sharing your situation with us and welcome to our community. I understand that receiving a hep C diagnosis can be confusing and spur so many questions. You are being proactive and this is greatly important in getting answers and eventually cured. Have you spoken with your doctor or healthcare team yet about liver screening or a liver biopsy? Through testing, a doctor can determine if there is liver damage and the stage. I’m sharing a link below about biopsies.

    Fortunately today's medications are much better than previous offerings with interferon or ribavirin. Direct acting antiviral medication can be finished in 8 to 12 weeks for hep C treatment.

    I want to share the contact information for Help-4-Hep, a free peer counseling network. The help is free and they’ve supported patients in navigating hep C care and treatment. They can be reached at (877) 435-7443 from 9am-9pm EST.

    Please know we’re here with you for support.
    -Matt (Team Member)

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      I know being newly diagnosed is confusing and scary. But there are many proactive things you can do right now to help your liver as you get set up for Medicare and seek treatment. Avoiding all alcohol, and processed foods, and being careful to manage prescription and over the counter meds safely will help. Eating a healthy liver friendly diet, losing weight if you need to, and mild exercise, helps your body and your liver. I also have a thyroid disorder, and was diagnosed prior to my treatment. But thyroid medication has helped greatly. Routine blood work helps monitor this. They can keep a watch on this while your in treatment and you should be fine. Your doctor can help determine what treatment is going to be best considering your liver and medical condition as well the medications you need to take. I know this feels like a catch-22, but there is great hope for you to get cured and enjoy a long beautiful life ahead of you. We're certainly understand what your feeling. Please keep us posted on how you're doing. We're here for you! Blessings my friend, Connie-Author/Moderator Hepatitis

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