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What does inflamed liver mean?

I found out two years ago I had hep c. I was sick and sweating in the winter so I went to the Dr, and they did an MRI and blood test. They said I had it and my liver was inflamed. What does inflamed liver mean? Is that bad? I haven't been to a doctor since then bow I look like I'm 8 months pregnant. I've been sex free for three years I'm worried my liver is bad off is that possible after only two years? I'm loosing my hair also.

  1. An inflammed liver means that it is swollen, which is very very common in all patients with chronic hep C. By itself it is not a bad sign. My concern for you is that you have not seen a doctor in two years and you look like you are pregnant, which may be a marker for late stage disease. There are medications that have a great success rate in curing hep C, even in those with Stage 4 disease. Please see a doctor ASAP. If you have no insurance, you can call Help4Hep (877-435-4773) M-F, from 9AM til 9PM eastern time. They may be able to find resources that would allow you to get care and treatment. Wishing you good luck.

    1. Sorry. The number for Help4Hep is 877-435-7443.

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