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Fibrosis regression: can my liver regenerate?

Hello, really appreciate everyone on this form it is a great source of support. Wondered if anyone has experienced fibrosis regression after SVR and if so to what extent?And lastly, is it possible if you have cirrhosis to have regression?

  1. Hi Grant. I wish I could answer your question, for two reasons. One is because you aaked, and two is because I have cirrhosis, as well. For a while there were articles that even some with cirrhosis could have a regression of scar tissue. Lately, there are articles disproving this. So I can't even make a guess. I do know that there have been clinical trials with drugs that are called anti fibrotics. You might ask your physician if he/she knows what is happening with those medications. It would be so nice if some of them are successful. Be well, my friend. (Sue, Community Moderator)

    1. Due to an experimental open heart surgery in the 1980’s, most to all single ventricle or half a functioning heart patients ended up having heart, liver, and kidney failure in the future. There have been a few of them, along with myself, who had a heart or heart and liver transplant. Those patients, who had a heart transplant only, were informed by their doctor that their liver would regenerate post transplant. There were a few friends of mine whose liver regenerated post heart transplant.

      In 2019, I was told by my liver transplant team that there may be an opportunity for my liver to regenerate over time. I received a Hep C heart and so far the liver transplant team is continually monitoring my liver to see my liver will regenerate. I have mild to moderate liver fibrosis.

      As far as liver regression or having one’s liver regenerate without transplantation, would be an interesting question to ask your doctor. I would only hope for the most successful outcome. (Leslie, Community Moderator)

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