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How has hep C impacted your friendships and relationships?

  1. In my case, the impact was only that I couldn't keep up with my colleagues and friend's schedules. I would teach all day and go home for a two hour nap. I'd eat dinner, watch a bit of TV and fall asleep. Often my friends would be getting together after work to see a movie, go shopping together, or out to dinner. I missed a lot of "friend" time.

    1. I willingly accepted a Hep C donor’s heart in 2019 and my relationship with my family was good, but my family members were hesitant about me accepting a Hep C organ. As far my relationship, well my boyfriend at the time dumped me while I was going through heart and liver transplant evaluations. Leslie (Community Moderator)

      1. It has greatly impacted my relationships. All the energy I do have goes to work and attempting to clean as much as I can. I know my friends & family get frustrated with me because I always back out of plans because I'm too tired. And my fiance gets frustrated because he doesn't seem to lack empathy for me and makes me feel like I'm just being lazy. I get shamed by my employer and fiance who make me feel like because I don't have cancer that I should be feeling fine. But I don't feel fine at all!

        1. I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through this with your friends, family, and employer. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for others to not understand what people with hep C are going through - which means that you’re not alone! You may be interested in knowing that many people in our community find it helpful to share/email our articles to friends/family members to help them understand - please feel free to do so if that would help! Additionally, you’re welcome to come by here anytime you’d like support or information - there are so many people here who really get what you’re going through! Sending positive vibes your way! -Jessica, Team Member

      2. not good

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