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How have you felt since completing hepatitis C treatment?

Everyone has different experiences with hep C treatment and treatment outcomes. We have heard from both community members who have minimal side effects after treatment and who are living with extrahepatic manifestations and long-term side effects. This is a community forum for users to share how they've felt since completing treatment and to offer support and insight.

  1. I completed by 12 weeks of HCV treatment on 1/2014 and I was told I was probably the first liver transplant patient to be cured of HepC with the treatment that is now called Harvoni. This was after three failed treatment attempts with Interferon and ribavirin, all of which had terrible side effects and minimal effectiveness. With Harvoni, I had zero side effects and the regimen was so simple and all oral.

    Almost immediately, I felt so much better especially the fatigue and malaise that I had suffered for years. My liver enzymes, Ferritin and blood values all improved to most being normal or slightly elevated. My mood has improved as well and my over health and feelings of well being also have improved. The difference is that Harvoni actually cured me of Hepatitis (originally Non-A Non-B hepatitis) rather than just serving as a maintenance therapy such as with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and High Cholesterol. Also, I was recently pleased to learn that my wife of 33 years also tested negative and was not at risk of infection from me. I am now a proponent of HCV treatment and do not consider it to be taboo to discuss being cured of a terrible blood infection.

    1. Hi WilsonRx. What an upbeat post. So happy to know that you have been cured after a transplant. I know many others who followed you and were cured, as well. It is great to hear how good you feel. Your message gives hope to others. Stay well and stay safe. ~ Sue, Community Moderator

      1. Hi All,

        Firstly i would like to say how much more "alive" i feel since completeing my treatment and being free of HepC. It def wasnt an easy road...many failed attempts with different drugs. Harvoni twice and Vosevi twice. Was starting to think that this would stay with me like a devil on my shoulder. Paybay for all my youthful indescretions.

        I had lived with this virus for nearly 30yrs before i was given a chance to cure it. I believed i wasnt worthy of being given this chance as it was my own fault. I was an drug user and had spent years of my life in and out of the correctional systems.

        This virus is rampant in prisons. You could catch HepC easier than the common cold.

        Anyway not to dwell on the past, its time to hit the fast forward button. Different life now and lookimg forward. To anyone who is starting off treatment or who has had a failed attempt.....DONT GIVE UP.

        There is a light at the end of that tunnel.

        1. Hi Brissyguy. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I hope you are very proud of what you have accomplished. You certainly tried hard to be free of hep C by repeatedly doing treatment. I also did many treatments starting with interferon on up to a clinical trial with a direct acting antiviral that finally cured me. It is great that you now feel "alive." Stay safe and be well. Happy New year.

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