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Medical Negligence + Symptoms


I've recently had a very distressing incident that I am led to believe has possible put me and my family at risk of Hepatitis or something else I'll do my best to explain everything to the best of my ability and would appreciate all the help I can get.

After a month of calling GP everyday in regards to a issue with my right hand following a bad MRI scan I caused quite alot of complaints and worries. Eventually I managed to get a blood test after weeks of asking because o wanted my thyroid and diabetes checked.

I'd just like to point out physically I was well and don't do drugs or have had sex with anyone else other than my partner who I've been with for two years. We are just about to have our second child and already have a 11 month old. We have both been at home for last two years due to me working from home and my partner being pregnant.

So this Tuesday I went to my blood test and it was with a lady who has taken my bloods years ago in my early twenties she has been there a very long time. Normally I ask for a new needle to be taking out in front of me just for piece of mind however I felt comfortable and didn't feel need to ask in this instance. The whole process was done in less than five minutes which was rather quick for a blood test and during the test she was acting abit indifferent to how I remember her saying things like that's a nice watch and you look remarkabley well. She was also very suprised when I told her I was a Dad which caught my attention.

Following my blood draw I proceeded to make my way home with my partner, son and our dog.

Here's where it all started later that evening whilst in bed I noticed I was incredibly stiff and felt very weak to which I told my partner.

The next morning I woke up stiff and felt heavy. I also noticed a canker sore under my top lip which was definitely unusual for me. As the day progressed I noticed very slight pains going round my body and notably joints and muscles. Again it was very subtle. I also noticed being a bit more chilly than usual. I also noticed weakness in my limbs when bending down and in my right arm.

This continued into the night.

The following day I had sharp little jab like pains going from one part of the body in one muscle or joint to another and again the chills. Felt like acute infection working around my body.

During the day I walked my dog and I cut my hand through a wooded area on are usual walkies when he decided to run away. I later noticed I had slight small cuts in two places which bled a little.

Later that night I did my usual wash my son for bath time and noticed one of the cuts was bleeding and panicked with what was going on as he likes to splash about and he got some water in his mouth. I'm worried if I was recently negligently infected with anything I may of give it to him.
Since a day after this he has constant diarrhea and mild fever which I'm even more panicking about now.

The day after on the Friday I had a appointment with my GP to discuss the blood results in person. I arrived and immediately voiced my concerns about the possibility of a reused needle and my symptoms sinced which she brushed aside as I expected.

She then told me all my bloods were fine my liver, kidney thyroid and inflammation markers all normal. However one of the antibodies tested called smooth auto antibody was positive and this apparently can be positive in acute viral infection or autoimmune diseases or positive with no association to disease. Oh really?

With what I was experiencing already following my blood draw and my ongoing issues with my surgery I at this point had even more reason to believe medical negligence had occurred.

I had no issues with my muscles or liver prior to this appointment nor any symptoms of the flu.

Following this I said I will be back in contact within the week or week after as I'm seriously considering changing surgery's at this point.

From this appointment the muscle aches and joint pains have persisted only now I'm experiencing it more frequently, I'm getting headaches and feeling hot and cold and it feels like a fever about to begin. Im also noticing pain and little sharp pains in my liver area which extends up into my right shoulder. This is five days since the exposure.

When I had glandular fever years ago this is what happened I had initial joint and muscle niggles before the fever and sore throat. It happened in stages. It feels very similar. Only I'm getting liver pains nothing really painful just pains it also feels like my abdomens about to swell up.

I really need some help I don't know what to do other than obviously get tested but can I of infected my son from him getting blood into his mouth during a bath.

Also can I get these initial symptoms 24 hours after being infected. I feel like I have the start of something. Also would getting tested at 4 weeks give me some idea.

I really appreciate who ever reads this and gives me advice. Thank you so much.

  1. Hi there! It sounds like you’ve had a time of it my friend! Of course, you can always and everyone should have a HepatitisC antibody test in a couple months + ( accurate testing window) but honestly this immediate reaction does definitely not sound like an exposure to HepatitisC. If you think a non sterile needle was used or an infection has happened (would be more likely) please have your doctor assess for this. What you describe sounds a bit like a fast onset of something perhaps an old virus of sorts flaring. I’m not a doctor but again your own healthcare provider, who knows your history, is the one to answer this question. I know it’s incredibly frustrating but if you remain with spiraling symptoms please get checked out. May I ask, have you been tested for a current Covid infection? Or have any further autoimmune tests been done? I’m sorry your little one feels ill as well ~ please see pediatrician if that is still happening. I’m hoping this will go away as fast as it came on. Our bodies can be so strange that way. Anyway, it definitely does not sound like Hep C infection that quickly after blood draw for sure. But please get checked!
    Wishing you the very best of health,
    Randy, Community Moderator

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