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The New medications

I am taking viekira pak because insurance would not cover Harvoni. I am undetectable after 8 weeks. I must stay on it for 24 weeks due to cirrhosis. I tried interferon 10 yrs ago and it obviously did not work. The side effects kicked my ass, I am very grateful that it is working but all the hype about the new medications not having side effects are not true. I am much sicker than I was on interferon. I bring this up to let people know that they should really fight to get the Harvoni because I've heard nothing but good stuff about it, that it barely has any side effects. I know of people who walked off treatment when they were found on detectable but due to getting educated about Hep C from this blog and from other sources I know that that would be a Huge mistake I will keep on keeping on.

  1. Pfc55. I am so sorry that you are having such a difficult time on Viekira Pak. I breezed through my 24 weeks with no sides at all. I truly wish that were happening for you. I think everyone responds differently as I have heard of some sides on all of the new drugs. I hope you can hang in there and report an SVR soon.

    1. I wish you could feel as I do. I was treated with Harvoni for only 8 weeks. I had no side effects at all. I had my final blood test in July and I'm cured. No Hepc. I feel very fortunate to receive this treatment, I got my Harvoni through the VA hospital and got free treatment. I know Im fortunate to get free treatment although I served my country for 12 years. If you know any veteran that has hepc please let them know they can get excellent care. Thanks for hearing me out. I wish you well and good luck with your treatment.

      1. I have been diagnosed with Hep C, i am a hard working, fun loving person person who enjoys life and family nf friends. I have been blessed with2beautiful Grandbabies❤ 3 n 1 year old n need to get rid of hep c soon. I pretty much work from pay check to pay check. I have a $7200 deductible which I have to pay out before insurance will pay a penny.. My Dr. told me I could purchase Sovaldi 600mg n daklinza 60my thru India for cheap. Is this true? There is allot of places ni don't know who is a verified distributor. Any input would help. I don't know what to do. Thank you for listening to me. Have a good day

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